Install AdventureWork Data Warehouse 2014

Install AdventureWork Data Warehouse 2014

Create AdventureWorkDW Database

  1. Download Adventure Works 2014 Warehouse
  2. Unzip to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Tools\Samples\Adventure Works 2014 Warehouse Script\
  3. SQL Management Studio > Connect to MSSQL Server > Run instawdbdw.sql.

Deploy Cube

  1. Download AW Multidimensional Models SQL Server
  2. Open solution AWDW2014Multidimensional-EE.sln in SQL Server Data Tools (Visual Studio).
  3. Modify AdventureWorksDW2014.ds to using your local settings.
  • Connect to the server where you create AdventureWorkDW and point to AdventureWorkDW database by test connectstring.
  • Enter impersonation information as appropriate.
  1. Right click project > Deploy > Set server and cube name.
  2. Deploy.

see Readme for Adventure Works DW 2014 Multidimensional Databases.docx

Print CD Cover

You can easily to print CD cover by using Inkscape.

  1. File > New > CD Cover.
  2. Draw a circle with 340x340pt.
  3. Import the image you want to print into circle shape.
  4. Choose image and circle.
  5. Menu > Object > Clip > Set.
  6. Done.

Of course that is much more easier for you to print out on a A4 paper and draw a circle with your CD then cut the paper by following the circle line.


Gitlab Supports Math Notation

I found out a new changes in gitlab. We’re now can edit math formula in any issue comment or wiki page, so convenient! And no excuse of miscommunication anymore, hehe…

see more Mathematics supports for Markdown and AsciiDoc, using Katex

Gitlab not support all the latex syntax yet, there are working on that. The subset of latex using is called Katex which you can try to input from here to preview.

Braille Code on Coway Water Filter

My office purchased a new Coway water filter last year and it just next to me 10 feet away (straight line). The moose code (braille code) actually has been trouble me sometimes. I know that must be meaning of hot & cold water however I couldn’t prove it.

Until today finally I able to decode what is the braille code on the Coway water filter. It actually was curved in Korean version of braille code means cold & hot water. It written in Korean not English. So you have to decode using Korean braille code but not English braille code.

Conclusion, the braille code on Coway machine can be used by all non blind people and Korean blind people only.

Decode Work

운수 (on su) = hot water
냉수 (naeng su) = cold water

see also



Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire 7″ is a descent tablet if you just use it for reading, and surf net. Even you can use for watching movie, and listening to music. Basically it can be a good tablet for daily use. And most importantly is it is cheap only cost USD50. And the hardware spec even can beat on Asus Zenpad.

Amazon Fire run on FireOS which is build on top of Android. The first look and impression of Amazon Fire is you did not see any Google stock app on it. It run it’s own Amazon play store. Luckily, someone in XDA able to install Google Play Store on it. I’ve tested on my Fire (FireOS v5.3.2.1).


  1. Download and install below 4 app in sequence (sequence is very important!)
    1. Google Account Manager APK
    2. Google Services Framework APK
    3. Google Play Services APK
    4. Google Play Store APK
  2. After finished install, launch Play Store. Done.

** you need to turn on ‘Allow Unknown Sources’ under setting in order to install app above.





Dimsum is a video streaming service and just launch in Malaysia recently. This is the company logo and used in their product as well.

The logo contains a ‘dot’ with a ‘heart’ character in Chinese. Literally spell out the logo with the name – 点心. Good design! The name ‘点心’ literally combined two characters:

  1. 点: Means a ‘dot’. You can see a play icon in the center of logo.
  2. : Chinese character means ‘heart’. You can see the outer rectangle shape indicates the tablet symbol, also can read it as character ‘心’ if you zoom out.

So I’m not sure whether the company come out the logo first then only think about the product name or with the name then only design the logo. What do you think? Hehe…