Install Google Play Store on Amazon Fire

Amazon Fire 7″ is a descent tablet if you just use it for reading, and surf net. Even you can use for watching movie, and listening to music. Basically it can be a good tablet for daily use. And most importantly is it is cheap only cost USD50. And the hardware spec even can beat on Asus Zenpad.

Amazon Fire run on FireOS which is build on top of Android. The first look and impression of Amazon Fire is you did not see any Google stock app on it. It run it’s own Amazon play store. Luckily, someone in XDA able to install Google Play Store on it. I’ve tested on my Fire (FireOS v5.3.2.1).


  1. Download and install below 4 app in sequence (sequence is very important!)
    1. Google Account Manager APK
    2. Google Services Framework APK
    3. Google Play Services APK
    4. Google Play Store APK
  2. After finished install, launch Play Store. Done.

** you need to turn on ‘Allow Unknown Sources’ under setting in order to install app above.





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