Use Google Drive as file revision control

Google Drive (aka Google Docs) provides revision history for all documents like Document, Spreadsheet etc. I found out we also can utilize Google Drive on desktop as revision control just like git or svn did to source code. Normal user has no any IT or programming background so Google Drive auto sync may help in this requirement.

For graphic designer or CAD files (ie. SketchUp), user can easily setup a synced folder at working desktop by keep all working files and folder under Google Drive Sync folder. Then user just works as usual. You can easily dig back earlier version just in case you’ve screw up the latest work. Go browser login your Google Drive > Navigate to the file > Open by Google Viewer > File > Manage Revision. Now you can retrieve back all the versions you want here. One thing missing maybe you unable to save your message for each revision just like git and svn.

I’ve experiment to stored some of my SketchUp works today and able to retrieve earlier version.