Configure Touch ‘n Go as NFC for your android

I figured out Malaysia Touch ‘n Go is a smartcard with MIFARE 1k readonly format. Actually you can do some simple maybe ‘In car’ mode if your card always put inside your car like me and your phone also support NFC. I can quickly switch to ‘in car’ mode everytime I start my car engine by just touch the card with my phone 🙂

  1. Install NFC Task Launcher in your android phone.
  2. Create a new task in the app. Named it as ‘In Car’.
  3. Add action Off wifi, on data, launch whatsapp or waze when I’m driving.
  4. Lastly scan your TnG card as the instruction.
  5. Done.
    1. Screenshot_2013-04-15-15-09-51

      I also created some nfc label please fell free to use it if you find useful!

      NFC Label


2 thoughts on “Configure Touch ‘n Go as NFC for your android

  1. hello, i just want to know, between this five, which one did TNG card used? i get a little bit confusing to classify and put TNG in which category.
    ( MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Ultralight and SmartMX )

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