How to sync music between desktop and your mobile?

Dropbox is a very useful tool which can push all the files you have stored in cloud to your local pc. So once you have configured in your office or home, you can get all the files either one place add in a new file (or remove), the other have the same file structure as well. There is an android version for Dropbox also. However the app does not provide the feature of auto download all the files you have just like desktop version. You can view it but you need manually download all the files one by one. It is not make sense if you want to download over hundreds of mp3 just to your phone. Luckily we have Dropsync which fill the gap. By configure Dropsync to download a particular folder in your Dropbox then sync to your local phone storage to a location. The free version only offer sync ONE location if you have many folders then you need to buy pro version.

Assuming you have configure your dropbox at your computer.


  1. Install Dropbox to your android.
  2. Install DropSync.
  3. Figure out your favorite player download location. ie. TTPOD is under \sdcards\ttpod\song\
  4. Configure DropSync to sync your dropbox folder(ie. music) to your local storage location \sdcards\ttpod\song.
  5. Done. Now you can get the same files either one place added (or remove) a new file.
    1. syncymusic

      Thank to Sync Dropbox and Android the smarter way | Computerworld Blogs


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