Google Images

Just in case you don’t know how to use Google Images. Now Google can even search by image! Just go to drag and drop the picture you want to search into the search bar. That is! You will found how powerful Google is.

With Google Images we found out that who is the girl in the scandal of Lim Guan Eng’s son and how dirty UMNO is. see Thank to Google Images again.


Android Unit Test

Now, Eclipse can support Unit Test project for android. By creating a test for each method you declared you can make sure it work correctly. Take note here, there are a different between original Java JUnit Test project and Android JUnit Test project. It is recommend that create a separate new project from the android project you want to testing. It is a slightly different with the Java application practice where it is under a same project but different folder /src and /test. However for android unit test, it is a separate project with its own /src folder. So here is the different:

Java project choose JUnit Test for testing
while Android project choose Android JUnit Test.